Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

To our valued customers,

We understand many in the community are concerned about the growing threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many sporting codes are experiencing unprecedented challenges, however at Pro Football Group we remain committed to helping Australian chase their sporting dreams and passion, even during these unsettling times.

With new developments emerging fast, we have created this page to share any significant news and updates that may have an impact on how you do business with us.

The above processes and delays may change at any given time as long as this virus is still active. We will provide any updates as soon as we receive them and do our very best to maintain our high level of service in all areas.

We look forward to continuing to serve you. Thank you and we hope you all remain safe.


Due to the growing issues and regulations due to the COVID pandemic, all carriers are experiencing significant delays on deliveries plus they are introducing new measures to ensure they comply with the ever growing restrictions. It is important that we all take note of the industry changes and challenges that everyone is facing. Victoria in particular has introduced major restrictions - crossing borders, making deliveries, meeting expectations, processing returns, customer enquiries and everything in between has been impacted.

Below is a summary on what to expect moving forward and these apply to all carriers in Australia:

  • All of the call centre staff are working from home hence there are reduced staff numbers which are resulting in lengthy delays for a phone call response - the best course of communication is via email.
  • No more “carded freight” for missed delivery – due to COVID19 and the risk of transmission, courier drivers have been instructed NOT to leave a card if you have missed your delivery. If a card is left, this will be an exception to the rule.
  • All customers will receive a dispatch notice and complete tracking updates by email and SMS. Please ensure you track your parcels and take due diligence during this pandemic.
  • No human contact and minimum 1.5m safe distance for all deliveries hence no signatures in any circumstance.
  • Majority of planes are still grounded so there are limited flights hence limited services for Express Deliveries.
  • Some zones / post codes / towns / suburbs may be restricted and no deliveries can take place due to COVID19 safety measures. As this can change rapidly and is dependent on local governments, there are no lists or exclusion zones we have been provided. Local authorities will update those local residents on such restrictions and changes.
  • Delivery Times and Case Enquiries – all couriers have specified a minimum transit time allowed before any case or enquiry can be opened. Any enquiry raised that is within the below scanning time frames will not be actioned by the carrier:
    • 14 Working days between scans / scan updates for all metro / same city deliveries around AU
    • 21 Working days between scans / scan updates for all sub-metro / regional deliveries around AU
    • 21 Working days between scans / scan updates for all international deliveries
  • Due to an significant increase in drivers, there are not enough GPS / Camera Scanners for all drivers. This means not all deliveries will have a picture taken of where the parcel was left.
  • All Proof of Delivery (POD) will not have a signature. All PODs should either say ATL or COVID so there is no real proof or benefit to provide a POD
  • For any residence with a gate or fence or restricted access:
    • The gate or fence must be opened and not just unlocked. If the gate or fence is closed (even if it is unlocked) the courier is not permitted to enter your property.
    • In such a case where access is restricted, the driver will not call the customer on their phone. They will simply deem the delivery as “unsuccessful” and either take to a Post Office, Depot or Pop Shop (depending on the carrier).
  • For any insufficient address or unsuccessful delivery, it is your responsibility to make contact with the carrier to arrange a pickup or redelivery where possible and you will need to monitor their tracking details for such updates.

There are increased reports of parcels being stolen after being delivered to the customer. PRO FOOTBALL GROUP will not be responsible for any parcels that are lost in transit or not delivered for any reason.

Most countries around the world have seen private residences purchase PARCEL BOXES which look like a mail box but only larger. This is a great solution to minimise theft of your parcels and ensure a better delivery experience.

This is an extremely difficult time for everyone and we ask for your patience during this pandemic. We thank you all for your support and understanding as we work through this together. Our team will continue to do everything we can to both comply with regulations and process your orders as quickly as possible to keep your end customers as satisfied as possible.   

Should you have any questions or require any further information, please feel free to contact



Due to the new restrictions and lockdowns of borders from COVID-19, all carriers are currently experiencing significant delays.
These delays are due to:

  • Grounded flights - As there are far less flights interstate and overseas, and borders have been locked down or require stringent checks before crossing, it means freight is now travelling by road where it can.
  • Borders Locked Down – Borders have been locked down and there are large delays to get through border check points. This has added more time to deliver to these locations
  • Less scans for tracking – To ensure parcels keep moving, there will be limited scans on items which will result in delayed tracking. Some items may reach their destination before tracking appears.
  • All Services – Currently both standard and express services are experiencing the same delays.

At the moment, we are seeing deliveries in the following time frames:

  • Sydney Metro, NSW -  7-14 business days
  • Melbourne Metro, VIC-Regional, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NT – 14-28 business days
  • International – 14-28 business days

**some parcels may arrive sooner, however, these will be the exception**

We understand these delays are significant, unfortunately, due to increased restrictions placed in these unprecedented times, all carriers are doing everything they can to get parcels to their destination as quickly as possible.

If you have an issue or wish to raise a delivery issue for investigation, please do so only if 10 business days have passed since dispatch with no tracking update.

We appreciate your patience in this current situation.



All couriers and carriers, even ones that have not provided formal notices, are following the same path and operating in the same scenarios. Please see summary below:

  • All deliveries that require Signature will be done as Authority To Leave (ATL) if the customer is not home. The drivers will still ring the doorbell but will apply a distance of approx. 2m from the front door and not ask for a physical signature.
  • For all deliveries marked as ATL, delivery process will remain the same
  • In the case the parcel cannot be left in a safe place in either situation, the parcel will be taken to a respective collection point (depot, Post Office, 7-Eleven, etc) for the customer to collect. In the case of a collection, Aus Post will be the only exception and mark the parcel as Return To Sender (RTS) for any deliveries that cannot be done as ATL safely; this is to avoid human contact.
  • Aus Post and Couriers Please will be taking photographs of all parcels delivered as ATL
  • Border Express is currently still operating with Signature on Delivery in some parts but this may change at any point in time
  • All carrier are experiencing some delays in deliveries. Perth in particular has seen the largest delay due to local government laws to tighten their grip on the Coronavirus.
  • International shipments are also being delayed due to bio-tech experts having to ensure no parcels or personnel are carrying the virus.
  • All customer service centres are either closing, working remotely or only available via email. Every freight company is changing this process daily so please appreciate that the Customer Support teams from our respective carriers may have delayed responses or no ability to answer calls.

It is important to note that the Fulfillment team and services are NOT impacted and are operating as normal. We are taking all precautions to keep our staff and partners safe and ensure your orders move in a timely manner.