January 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, 2022 has begun with a rapid increase in COVID-19 Omicron cases which has caused staff shortages in the freight industry.

Many Carriers and Depots are running on skeleton staff to minimise the spread as well as isolation timeframes. With a large number of Australians staying home, there is an increase in online shopping and all carriers are reporting significant increases in volumes. This combined with various statewide and local restrictions has slowed movement of parcels from one location to another.

All carriers are doing everything they can to get parcels to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.
Keeping our staff and partners safe while serving our customers is one of our top priorities. We have implemented various measures to ensure safety at our fulfilment centre, home office for those who are able to work remotely and improved hygiene in production and logistics.

I promise you, everyone at Pro Football Group is working hard to fulfill your needs and to adapt to this extraordinary situation. The team is doing our best to accurately project the timelines for all orders. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (more information available below), please expect  some delays in dispatch (3-5 business days) and delivery (10 business days) of your order.

*Any estimated delivery time on our website is indicative only. We cannot guarantee delivery within this time frame as there are numerous factors outside the control of our carrier network.

Rest assured you are always updated with your order status. 

To ensure that you receive your order in a timely fashion, we recommend that you place your order at least 3-4 weeks before you anticipate needing your product. You can reach out to your usual contact persons at our customer service if you have any questions. Through our website you can always be updated with product availability and place your orders 24/7.

Stay healthy and safely get through these troubled times!



Key Reasons for Delays:

  • Grounded flights - As there are far less flights interstate and overseas, and borders have been locked down or require stringent checks before crossing, it means freight is now traveling by road where it can.
  • Borders Locked Down – Borders have been locked down and there are large delays to get through border check points. This has added more time to deliver to these locations
  • Less scans for tracking – To ensure parcels keep moving, there will be limited scans on items which will result in delayed tracking. Some items may reach their destination before tracking appears.
  • Government Restrictions (Local and State) and staffing at Depots – Staff numbers at all carrier depots have decreased to comply with current government restrictions.