The World’s Best Soccer Rebounder

  • Heavy weather proof
  • Transforms your phone into a personal soccer coach
  • Sturdy frame and top-notch wheels
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The greatest training partner!

A truly revolutionary soccer rebounder, the M-station is used by thousands of football kids and the best players in the world.

Split practices doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore...

The rebound effect is as close to real passes as it can get!

You will not only play, but also track and then improve with real time statistics thanks to the Muninplay App.

Specification and details


Kicking surface: 55" x 55"

Size when folded: 57" x 12" x 75"

Weight:  22kgs


The backbone of the system is the m-station Talent training tool which is used by major clubs. The brain of the system is the revolutionary MuninPlay app which transforms your smartphone into your own personal coach.

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