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Trusox & Trusox Soccer Socks - Australia

Trusox is an innovative non-slip pad, pad and sock all in one. Non-slip Trusox football socks are made with revolutionary non-slip technology, which ensure that every player is secure in their footwear and their foot never slides in their soccer socks. Trusox Australia pads are made with technology that is actually activated as you perspire, meaning Trusox football socks actually work better as you use them! If you want the edge in terms of speed, agility and security, Trusox Australia improves speed, movement and helps you feel more secure. No matter what the situation, your Trusox won’t let you down in the heat of the moment!

For great deals on ankle, mid calf and full size Trusox, there’s no better location than Pro Football Group. We now stock specially designed pro wrap, to keep your socks up no matter what the weather. There’s just no better soccer socks than Trusox, the best anti-slip socks around! Come to Pro Football Group - the #1 seller of Trusox in Australia!