Business Opportunities

Pro Football Group opens a world of opportunities for those in the world of sports. We offer you a broad selection of high-quality sports gear and training equipment's – from soccer balls and team wear to other premium products designed to enhance sideline experience. We are always looking to add valuable partners to our team who have a passion for sports and a strong focus on customer service. Resellers are welcome to join the team and explore new business opportunities, enter growing markets and increase revenues. Our reseller program is designed forge a profitable, engaging and long term partnership.

How to become a reseller:

Becoming an authorised reseller of PFG is extremely simple. Simply provide us some essential information through our online form. Once we evaluate the information and confirm that your vision and value standards match our, we will approve the request. If you have any more queries about the reseller program, get in touch with us and our customer service representative will walk you through the entire process.