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Pro Chute - Get FASTER Get Stronger

Get Faster. Get Stronger Improve Your Stamina Faster Easy Belt Adjustment For All Ages. Comes With An Easy To Manage Bag

Porta D 4 Pack

In stock
4 Pack in 1 Carry Bag Designed for agility drills Premium quality speed pole sleeve Foldable design for easy transport. *Poles are sold separately

Portable Spring Agility Poles - 4 PACK

Best selling, heavy-duty PORTABLE SPRING AGILITY POLES. Made from heavy duty, long-lasting material. Fast to locate. Easy to set up. Easy Carry Solution.

ProFootball 6 inch hex Agility Training Hurdles Sport Fitness Training Equipment

In stock
Superior Design! Superior, one-piece twist design Lightweight, durable and easy to store Includes 4 6-inch hurdles in a carry bag

Speed & Agility Ladder - Bend Anyway (with Carry Bag)

In stock
GET MORE FROM YOUR TRAINING! ✔️Agility Ladder with unbreakable (specially designed) plastic FLAT rungs with a carry bag. ✔️The width of the rung to be adjusted as per the requirement ...

Speed and Agility Ladder

Durable Agility Training Ladder in 8m Length Designed to improve agility and foot work. Adjustable high-quality flat plastic rungs allows you to tailor the size of the foot gaps.

Self Balancing Hurdles (Set of 6 in a Carry Strap)

In stock
Great training tool for coaches, trainers and sports teams. BEST VALUE! ✔️Develops correct stride technique. ✔️Perfects arm control and body balance. ✔️These hurdles come with he...


In stock
Soft PVC offers super grip on all surfaces Heavy and thick to ensure they won’t blow away Pro-Sports branding for added weight and quality assurance.  High-visibility colours for mar...

Round Flat Cone Markers

In stock
Pack of 10 PFG Round Flat Disc Markers. Made from firm-grip PVC. Perfect for all surfaces indoor and out. Available in 3 colours.

Hex Hoops (Set of 6)

In stock
EASY TO STORE, EASY TO CARRY, BEST VALUE! High-quality hex hoops (Dia 46cm) including innovatively designed clips connect much easier. Lightweight design makes them easy to transport....


In stock
Soft PVC offers super grip on all surfaces  High-visibility colours for marking training areas fun.

Elite Full Piece Club Pole

In stock
SHATTERPROOF PLASTIC SOCCER SPEED AND AGILITY TRAINING POLES. Lightweight and portable. One piece agility poles are 29mm thick using only the best materials. The grass spike is conne...

Kinesiology Tapes

In stock
Best selling KINESIOLOGY TAPES ✔️The Kinesiology Tape has been designed with total player comfort and holds in mind. ✔️Support and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments...

Balancing Base (16")

In stock
Made of high-quality ABS plastic with a textured, non-slip surface. Improves your balance, coordination, flexibility and muscle strength. Lightweight, portable design. Easy to carry. ...

Speed Ring - Set of 12 with Carry Strap

In stock
BEST SELLING SPEED RING! Unbreakable. Perfects arm control and body balance. Great for jump trainng drills. Simple drills for all ages and all levels. There are reinforced speed ri...

Quad Ladder Round Rung (4x4M) with Top Quality Bag

In stock
Agility Ladder with unbreakble (especially designed) plastic round rungs with a carry bag. Best suitable for side stepping, combine forward with lateral movement or jumping with explod...

Passing Arc

In stock
Success is one pass away Heavy Duty Passing Arcs. Designed to last. Square design.

Pro Mannequin - FKM Club Mini

In stock
Constructed the same as the larger mannequins. Strong plastic base with two metal spikes for easy ground insertion. Defensive structure with unbreakable Chest. Price per mannequin. ...

Agility & Speed Training For Soccer

Want to get the edge on your opposition? Building speed and agility is essential for the stars of the future. No matter how skilled an individual may be, speed and agility will always win the 50/50 contests that mean the most. To help you build your players’ bodies to an elite level, Pro Football Group has a great range of products ready to start their journey to success. Check out the full range of speed and agility training products in our online store today!

Agility poles, pro ladders and adjustable hurdles are great for players who want to improve their footwork, speed and mobility. Combined with the fun fitness parachute apparatus and classic cones and discs, your team will have an instant competitive advantage with Pro Football Group speed and agility products. Visit Pro Football Group for the best equipment for speed and agility training for soccer! We'll give you a great deal on a wide range of training aids - visit today!

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