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  • Generate power with these plyometric training hurdles.
  • Great Bounce back includes a highly durable base.
  • Develop quick feet maximum power output and footwork
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Agility and speed hurdles are an essential piece of training equipment for anyone serious about the sport.

  • Quickly see improvements in jumping height, coordination and lateral movement.
  • Innovative INSTANT BOUNCE construction and maintain their shape, even after being used by the toughest athletes.
  • Agility ladder gaps can be adjusted to suit all age groups or intense courses.
  • Ultra-durable with a superior, one-piece twist design.
  • Fluorescent yellow in colour for use during evening sessions.
  • Come with a convenient carry bag. Drills can be set up in minutes!

At 6” high, they help to develop quick feet so you can output maximum power and footwork no matter your sport. Each hurdle offers a highly durable base with a low profile look for cleats of all sizes. Made from high-quality shatterproof plastic and designed with a one-sided curve which tips the hurdle forwards when accidentally struck.

The shatterproof plastic hurdles are fluorescent yellow, making them extremely easy to see, even during late night winter training sessions. These lightweights and low profile hurdles stand sturdy during practice.

The Inventive design of this speed ladder allows you to slide the fluorescent yellow rungs up and down the nylon edges. By reducing or increasing the gap between each rung you can make footwork sessions more challenging. Each rung is manufactured from ultra-durable flat plastic which is designed to greatly reduce the risk of players slipping during training sessions.

Specification and details



  • Made from ultra-durable shatterproof plastic


  • Size:Heights available: 15cm (6 inches)
  • Each hurdle curves on one side to instantly
  • Ladder contains 11 rungs
  • Tip over when struck
  • Colour: Fluorescent yellow
  • Sold in packs of 6
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